Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Doing things the right way

The fact that people think or say it's alright does not make it right. Indeed ‘alright’ does not make all right.

So because you are in a hurry and need to get to your destination early, you feel it's alright to beat the traffic light? Absolutely, it does not make it right.
Sometimes it feels OK to throw dirt on the road and say people are employed to sweep the road, but that does not make it right.
Truthfully, all that seem OK is not always right and all that seem alright is not always OK, we must ensure to do the right things at the right time even when no one is watching!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Tears that flow like river
Cry that seemly differ
Thicker than the Red milk enormously shed by your inhuman beast
Has glued my heart core to weep.

You have turned words to swords
You have allowed blood to flow like flood
You sneak to do evil and turn to justify your hand
Ha! I keep weeping for your land.

I have had more atonement
I have no interest in your sacrifice
You! Who has turned water to blood
You! Who has turned away blood of rams to that of men
Shall I not weep for these lives?

Cry on and on
Let me shed more tears
Ha! Your present,future shake in fear
Is this not the plight I bear?

See blood on this land
Souls always die hard
Like goats and flies
Through guns, bomb and dagger
Let me weep even more deeper

Oh! Hear the dead celebrating death
Feel the agony of weeping
Smell the aroma of blood
Oh! I bow to weep
The land of our nation
Land of your father's vision
Has it not turn to the dungeon of carrion?

Oh! Ahhhhhhh!
I weep not for you
Yes! You who has lived to bear these plights
I weep not for you who has survived the night
I weep not for you who live on this land
I weep, yes! I weep
For your kins
Your children children's
Who shall make your future bright
Where would their generations live?
When your land is overflown with blood.

This Land is terribly weeping.

(C) Copyright
@ Prince TGO

Friday, August 8, 2014

Relationship Joke

A famous inspirational speaker said:
"Best years of my life were spent in the arms
of a woman, who wasn't my wife"
The audience was in shock and silence...
He added: "she was my mother"
A big round of applause & laughter!
A very daring husband tried to crack this joke at
After a dinner, he said loudly to his wife in
the kitchen:
"Best years of my life were spent in the arms
of a woman, who wasn't my wife"
Standing for a moment, trying to recall the
second line of that speaker's statement
By the time he gained his senses,
he was on a hospital bed,
recovering from the burns of hot water!
Moral: Don't copy if you can't paste!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

African Poem: Work is the Cure for Poverty

Work is the Cure for Poverty

Work is the Cure for Poverty

Do your work well my friend

Work is what makes us great

If we don't have who to rely on

We seem lazy

If we don't have who to hope on

We just have to work hard

Your mother may be wealthy

Your father owns chains of businesses

If you rely on them, you are finished.

Take responsibility for your life

If the world loves you today

Please don't rely on them

What we did not sweat for won't last

What we work hard for lasts long

There is pain for the unwise

Weeping abounds for the unstable child

Do your work well

Time never waits for anyone

Friday, May 16, 2014


How to Remain POOR ...

1. NEVER WAKE UP EARLY. Keep stretching and turning in bed until you get too hungry to continue dozing. If there are no bedbugs, why hurry to get up? ...

2. Never plan how to spend your money.
Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it is finished, try to count and recall how you spent it.

3. Don’t think of saving until you have real big money ... How can you save when you earn so little? Those telling you to save are not sympathetic to your burning needs.

4. Don’t engage in activities usually reserved for the “uneducated.” How can you, a graduate, engage in petty trade or home-based production? That is for people who never went to school.

5. Don’t think of starting a business until an angel comes from heaven and gives you capital. How do they expect you to invest before you get millions of Naira or Dollars? Even though more than half the businesses in your town were started with a few hundred Naira, you, as a smart person, can only start with millions.

6. Complain about everything except your own attitude: Blame the system, the government and the banks that refuse to lend you money. They are all bad and do not want you to get rich.

7. Spend more than you earn. To achieve this, buy consumer products on credit and keep borrowing from friends and employers.

8. Compete in dressing. Make sure you wear the latest clothes among all the workers in your office. Whenever your neighbour buys a new phone, get one that is more expensive.

9. Get yourself a nice second-hand (used) car that costs more than three times your gross monthly pay. That will surely keep you in debt long enough to hinder the implementation of any bad plans that could make you accumulate capital.

10. Give your children everything they ask for since you are such a loving parent. They should not struggle for anything because you do not want them to suffer. That way, they will grow up lazy and hence poor enough to ensure they cannot help you in your old age.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

17 Unconventional Occasions We Should Start Celebrating

There are only a few things we celebrate as adults, and most of them have something to do with either birth or marriage – neither of which we have sole control over. Those things are exciting and notable and life-changing and absolutely worth celebrating, no doubt. But there are countless other fantastic things worth acknowledging as well. It’s not to say you should throw a $50K celebration over getting through the work week, but that there is more to life worth being happy about, and celebrating with friends even, than just what society has deemed so.

1. Promotions. It’s more than a new job, it’s a step up on the ladder, one that you worked your ass off for. Getting promoted at work is the acknowledgment that you’re not only someone seen as suitable to lead, but that you’ve proven yourself and your commitment to a company and you deserve to revel in that pride.

2. Raises. It doesn’t have to be a change of job, but even just a small raise, or becoming salaried when you were once hourly, is important. Financial stability, however that looks for you, is crucial to a life well lived, and there’s no reason to not celebrate working hard and being able to live more comfortably because of that.

3. Friendship anniversaries. Relationships come and go. I don’t know about you, but I have never celebrated a five or even 10 year anniversary with a significant other, but I absolutely have, and will, with my best friends. It’s ridiculous that we don’t celebrate the relationships in our lives that we already have, the ones that are life-long and decidedly forever.

4. Sobriety. When people say they’ve quit drinking, or that they’re “X days/months/years sober,” it’s often met with judgment for either having once been addicted or not “being fun and wanting to go out and drink anymore.” Regardless, the stigmas are false and unwarranted. We should acknowledge the will-power it takes to refrain from alcohol or drugs or whatever it is you no longer want in your body, in spite of what people have and will say.

5. The completion of a project. Often it’s the only light at the end of the tunnel. Hard work is only celebrated in our culture as it equates to monetary success, but that isn’t the most important part of achievement.

6. The end of a chapter. You could be leaving a city or a home or a habit, whatever it is, commemorate appropriately. Maybe we wouldn’t get so caught up in the stress of change if we started seeing it as a good thing, a thing that will better us, a thing that is worth acknowledging formally.

7. Traveling and returning home safely. Sure, you can have going away and coming home parties, but those are usually reserved for people who move somewhere far for a significant period of time. I’m not saying throw a party for when you come home from vacation, but if you’re taking time to travel, especially by yourself, you deserve to come home to a dinner table of family and friends who want to hear about everything.

8. Overcoming a lifelong struggle, even just for now. The thing about “lifelong struggles” is that they’re ingrained somewhere deeply within us, they’re difficult to shake. If you’re able to, even for a small amount of time, rejoice in that. Forget about forever. Appreciate what you’ve done and make it a point to commemorate it appropriately.

9. Quitting a job. We can’t all be Marina Shifrins, but we can all pop the champagne over finally being out from under that awful boss’ dictatorship.

10. Finding a new job. We get so caught up in the scramble of signing the paperwork and re-adjusting our lives that we forget how exciting it is to be starting a whole new experience. The truth is that our jobs do comprise a huge part of our lives, they’re what we do day-in-and-day-out. Changing them changes us in a huge way.

11. A breakup. Half of getting over heartbreak is realizing that people leaving and entering our lives is inherently neither good nor bad, just a changing of experiences. The closing of one door so another can open. We all look back eventually and are most grateful some (most) of those relationships didn’t work out.

12. Job anniversaries. Whether you’re celebrating surviving for so long or being happily employed, it’s a time worth noting.

13. The days your life changes forever. The only way I can think to put this to you is like this: when I graduated college, I had a party, I received a degree, we celebrated with dinners out with extended family and gifts and the whole nine yards. But graduating school wasn’t the day that changed my life. It wasn’t a day that changed me at all, I was just done taking classes and living in a particular area. I never acknowledged the days that actually changed me, the days I had breakthroughs, the day I finished writing my book. The days that actually mattered in my heart.

14. Resisting the urge to stalk your ex on social media for the umpteenth trillionth time. I believe this can stand alone.

15. Getting over someone. Ask anyone: it’s a feat to get over some really great loves. They require us to change ourselves and shift our lives to accommodate their absence, and I’ve found that that’s often the point of them leaving. Regardless: it’s tiring and draining and very sad until one day it’s not, and if getting past the so-called love of your life leaving you isn’t an accomplishment, I don’t know what is.

16. Being happy. In my opinion, it’s one of the rarest things in the world.

17. Getting through the day. We fall victim to routine. We get lost in the nuances of daily life and become so drained by the hours we spend staring at a screen and feeling exhausted that we lose sight of wanting to celebrate for celebrations’ sake. I always call my friend(s) and say let’s go out and get drinks because the week’s over. Sometimes it’s the only way to get through the week. Most times, it just serves to remind us that we don’t need a reason to be celebrating life. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


Your SEO optimized title


A Couple have been married for 5 years now. They have a 2 year old daughter. Like any couple they have their ups and downs, that's life. One day just after they had a fight over their differences of opinion, the wife went shopping at the local mall, where she bumped into her ex-boyfriend from varsity.
After a chit-chat, she discovered he was doing well for himself in business. They exchanged numbers. From that day on, they started talking daily over the phone. Plans were made to meet, but where, when? That's when the ex-boyfriend came up with a plan that they should meet in Cape Town to spend a week together.
The ex-boyfriend would organize everything; the plane tickets and a nice beach holiday resort for them to enjoy. She would have to lie to her husband, saying she is going to a conference in Cape Town for a week.. Her husband took her to the airport on Sunday evening. 2 hours later she was met in Cape Town by her ex-boyfriend who had arranged a very romantic evening with her.

After the romantic evening they went back to the resort, made love without a condom, of course they have known each other for a very long time. For the next 5 days they had a wonderful time jollying/quad biking, up the mountain in the cable car, swimming and sun bathing etc, wining and dining at the Capes top cafe's and restaurants, something she had rarely done with her husband. They enjoyed everything money could buy, until she left on Saturday afternoon back to Johannesburg.

They used different flights to avoid being seen together (you know people talk). She was waiting in the airport for her husband to fetch her, when she received a call from her ex-boyfriend, who told her he was HIV-positive and that it was not a co-incidence when they met at the mall. The reason why he infected her with the disease was because he was jealous of the family she has and the beautiful woman she had become
and the fact that he was financially successful but he is not happy because he knows that he is dying.

At that moment she just stood there and froze; thinking about what to do, as it was already too late to take anti-retroviral drug. She could lay a charge against him; it would only expose her for cheating on her husband. That's when she took a taxi to her best friend's house. She told her friend everything that had happened and ask for advice. The friend advised her to come clean with her husband, tell the truth, she has just lost everything and has nothing more to lose.

She then phoned her husband and explained every thing. To my surprise, the husband picked his wife from her friend's house; he sat down with her and told her how much he loves her and reminded her of the vows he took at church and that it was a terrible mistake she has made, which unfortunately she has to pay for it with her life. He told her that he is never going to leave her, he has forgiven her and will stick by her side no matter what happens.

Now she stays in another bedroom and he shares his bedroom with their daughter. What is currently happening is, the wife is terribly sick and might die at anytime. He told me this because he was asking me for prayer support. He believes that if a group of friends prayed together, the prayer might be stronger.

The other reason was that I should let you all know of such happenings as a warning to anyone contemplating cheating, to weigh up if it's worth it! As I sit and think about this experience, I thought to my self: why him? But I can not seem to come up with an answer. Then there is a lesson here;" You never know what you've got until....

"The morale of the story is? As people, we tend to undermine those who love us for a moment's pleasure (we are never aware when we are loved). We keep on chasing waterfalls rather than sticking to the rivers, where we can swim with ease. To all my brothers and sisters, love the one you are with...

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