Thursday, November 6, 2014


Tears that flow like river
Cry that seemly differ
Thicker than the Red milk enormously shed by your inhuman beast
Has glued my heart core to weep.

You have turned words to swords
You have allowed blood to flow like flood
You sneak to do evil and turn to justify your hand
Ha! I keep weeping for your land.

I have had more atonement
I have no interest in your sacrifice
You! Who has turned water to blood
You! Who has turned away blood of rams to that of men
Shall I not weep for these lives?

Cry on and on
Let me shed more tears
Ha! Your present,future shake in fear
Is this not the plight I bear?

See blood on this land
Souls always die hard
Like goats and flies
Through guns, bomb and dagger
Let me weep even more deeper

Oh! Hear the dead celebrating death
Feel the agony of weeping
Smell the aroma of blood
Oh! I bow to weep
The land of our nation
Land of your father's vision
Has it not turn to the dungeon of carrion?

Oh! Ahhhhhhh!
I weep not for you
Yes! You who has lived to bear these plights
I weep not for you who has survived the night
I weep not for you who live on this land
I weep, yes! I weep
For your kins
Your children children's
Who shall make your future bright
Where would their generations live?
When your land is overflown with blood.

This Land is terribly weeping.

(C) Copyright
@ Prince TGO

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