Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In the beginning ... man was made to dominate, not to be dominated.

  1. If people had stood and lived by their words, there wouldn't have been any anonymous quotes.
  2. When you deceive others, it tends to be satisfying; but when you deceive yourself, it tends to be disastrous.
  3. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing – Edmund Burke (Irish Thinker and Statesman).
  4. Don't sit on the fence; there might be some broken bottles on it.
  5. A rational man tries to make his good better and his better best.
  6. A politician thinks of the next election while a leader thinks of the next generation.
  7. A problem shared with a fool only gets compounded.
  8. Eliminating the wrong choices creates a greater chance of making the right choice.
  9. The kingmaker can make a king but he cannot make a nation.
  10. You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving.
  11. People need vision. Vision needs only a person: the visionary.
  12. Your conscience must be nurtured by truth lest it ruptures.
  13. You cannot be the commander-in-chief and still be commanded by mediocrity.
  14. Academics is not the only basis for leadership, intelligence also counts.
  15. If you are doing the right thing at the wrong time, you are a failure and if you are doing the wrong thing at the right time, you are still a failure – Gabriel Oluwole Osho (My dad on 18/08/11).
  16. A success story is never complete without a protagonist who has undergone ups and downs to see a happy ending after all.
  17. Ill-gotten wealth either leaves abruptly or is left abruptly. You can't bite more than you can chew!
  18. The laxity of the righteous enhances the brutality of the wicked! – Winston Churchill.
  19. A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study – Chinese Proverb
  20. You never know the real essence of a woman until you get married to one.
  21. The best way to lead is to serve. If truly you want to lead, there mustn't be anything you wouldn't sacrifice for your followers to enjoy.
  22. Truth is an eye-opener only to the one who has a clear conscience.
  23. Good life is all about giving what you have diligently to get what you need or want.
  24. It's never too late to learn -- Malcolm Forbes
  25. The best way to learn is to stop speaking and start listening.

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  1. Sincerity comes with purpose, you can't be sincere and not be purposeful. Until both meet in the hearts of our leaders, we are going nowhere as followers. Nigerian students are not blind, they can see their Ivory Towers crumbling down right before their very eyes all in the name of insensitive and bad leadership in Nigeria.