Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Posts on Facebook and Twitter (November Quotable Quotes)

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  1. If you are not solving one problem on Facebook, then you are creating one. $GBAM
  2. If you are being followed on Twitter, you become a celebrity overnight, but if you are being followed on Africa Magic, you become a fugitive.
  3. Illiteracy makes one see one's right as a privilege.
  4. When you trust in men, you are a compound fool - Dr. Tunde Bakare (Lessons from the Pains of Separation - Part 2).
  5. It's amazing that it is when you get to the end of the road that God makes a way - Dr. Tunde Bakare (Lessons from the pain of separation - Part 2).
  6. You can always choose who becomes your friend, but you cannot always choose who becomes your enemy.
  7. Doing what is right always does not guarantee that you will always be praised.
  8. If it was foreign investment that made the developed countries attained their present economic status, then Nigeria should keep on looking for foreign investors.
  9. Most Nigerians are yet to be sincere with themselves when it comes to speaking up on the type of leadership they deserve. Ignorance at times costs more.
  10. Illiteracy is always a tool in the hands of opportunists who find themselves in leadership to perpetuate themselves in power.

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