Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Centenary: Nigeria in Retrospects

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The Nigeria of my dream beckons as we decide how to be led. To be led by example is to be given the right foundation; to be given the right foundation is to be given a great future. Nigerians come on board as we redefine ourselves on the global front. It is not how far we have been together but how well we have utilized our unity as an entity. 
What do we want to leave behind for our unborn generation as legacies? Do we really cherish our co-existence as a people, at least if not as a nation? Our languages may differ, our tribes may differ, our values may vary, our cultures may vary but our Father, God is One. Let's brace up for what brings us closer to our Creator, God. Let's lift up our voice to our Maker, who made us one for these years. We are not the most righteous nation. We are not the most prayerful nation but we have found a Lover in our Father, our Maker who did not allow us to pay dearly for our ignorance all this while. It could have been worse, if not for God. I know we have diverse challenges but let us look up to God to give us the best as we round off the year 2013. He has been our security. He has been our provision. He has been our shelter.
The greatest milestone we can set as individuals is to live a purposeful life. Our leaders must define our reason for existence as a people and an entity.
Let's thank God He is fighting for us. God Bless Nigeria!

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